As this is a very difficult time to maneuver through as a country, it’s vital that we make sure all members of our society are represented & cared for properly. Here at Rodger’s Family Pharmacy, we believe it’s important that we think about the people who are being affected by this global health crisis in a huge way & what this could be doing to their mental space. Our older adults are having a very challenging time navigating what has become the new normal & it’s important that we figure out how to become a resource during this time.

Through recognizing the most powerful factors that play a huge role in why this time is so important to remain vigilant about the care we provide our elderly loved ones we can make a difference, starting today:

Those factors could include, but not be limited to, existing mental health conditions, physical health, social isolation, losses, & disruption in routine.

Here at Rodger’s Family Pharmacy, we thought it was very important to share some information with you all from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Source: COVID-19: We Must Care for Older Adults’ Mental Health

“Everyone has a role to play in supporting older adults during the COVID outbreak. Here are some things you can do:

1. Regularly check in on your older adult friends, neighbors and family members.
2. Call or video-chat with them, since texting and social media may not be the best method of connecting.
3. Ask how they are doing during this period of time, how their routines might have had to change, and what kinds of things they are doing to cope with the stress.
4. Encourage them to keep doing the activities that are allowable during COVID for their local area, and that they identify as being most helpful for them, such as daily exercise or a walk, stretching, listening to or playing music, reading, enjoying favorite or humorous shows, puzzles, games, social activities, and meditation or prayer. (Here are some activity ideas from AARP, and the National Institute on Aging.)
5. Help them seek medical advice or care if they are experiencing symptoms of physical or mental health decline.
6. Offer to bring them a meal, run an errand, or walk their dog, if your town allows for these activities.
7. Seek advice from them based on their experience and wisdom.
8. Express gratitude and appreciation for any support you get from your relationship with them. Let them know what you admire about the way they conduct their life.”

Through understanding how this pandemic is affecting all of us, one thing that is certain is the simple truth that we all could benefit from some compassion, love, & support during this time. All of us have some amazing older adults who have impacted us in some way throughout our lives & now is the time to do our part in showing them the appreciation they deserve. All it takes is some effort, communication, & consideration.

Here at Rodger’s Family Pharmacy, we’re charging ourselves to do our part & we believe that you can too.