As summertime wanes and the back-to-school deadline approaches, vaccination schedules come into question as more people register themselves or their children for the school year. Kindergarten students all the way to the college graduate, keeping up to date on your vaccine schedule is extremely important way to stay healthy and protect yourself against preventable illnesses.


Ailments like smallpox, rubella, rotavirus, and hepatitis can all be prevented by using highly researched and scientifically proven immunizations. These diseases have the capability to quickly spread among a population, especially to those in closed and crowded environments like schools and colleges. Most public and private school systems require proof of vaccination prior to enrollment to prevent a potential outbreak of disease on campus. Vaccinations are a vital part of you and your child’s overall health and wellbeing. These tools have allowed us to build immunity to rare and potentially life-threatening diseases by exposing us to fragments or inactive samples of the disease-causing virus, bacteria, etc. Once exposed, the body can then naturally fight against the disease with significantly fewer risks and consequences, as opposed to those who are unvaccinated.


Currently, there are sixteen vaccines on the schedule, some of which require multiple doses. Diseases like diphtheria, tetanus, human papilloma virus (HPV), even influenza can be prevented through vaccination. Your physician will provide a schedule of recommended immunizations, starting with the first round of Hepatitis B vaccine at birth. Talk with your doctor about getting on and sticking to the recommended immunization schedule. Do your part to keep everyone safe and vaccinate!


At Rodger’s Family Pharmacy, we know that prevention is key to maintaining overall health and wellness. While we currently do not offer vaccinations and immunizations, we certainly suggest consulting with your primary care provider about you and your child’s health. Immunizations protect from disease, while regular wellness visits increase the likelihood for early detection of a wide variety of illnesses. For more information regarding vaccinations and immunizations, visit You may also consult your local pharmacist at Rodger’s Family Pharmacy at (601) 582-8351 for additional information.